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€ 150.00
Vat included

The Speleology is the exploration of caves and natural cavities.

In Valongo, Romans left us the true treasures in gold exploration with several rooms (galleries) and tunnels, lakes and other natural or artificial geological structures (build by the Romans).

The challenge is launched, accomplish with our monitors the real discovery of gold and its beauty, which are the pitfalls in Valongo.
With rappels, climbing, using opposition techniques, narrow passages and different landscapes ever seen so far.

The challenge is on! We await for you.

  • Two levels of difficulty:
  • Easy level, lasting about 4 hours, especially designed for groups and families, it can be done by adventurers from the eight years, since it does not show panic with heights
  • Price: 150€ Euros for 3 people (group up to 3 people);
  • 45€ Euros per extra person (up to 6 people);
  • Groups of 6 or more people, price under budget.
  • - Hard level, lasting about 8 hours, for those who already held Speleology and want even more adventure and adrenaline, this is the most appropriate level and has the durability of about 8 hours to 3.5 hours of training (formation) and 5.5 hours of activity.
  • Price on request
  • In all our activities our clients have at their disposal qualified monitors and a personal accident insurance.
  • to this activity, regardless of the number of participants, the clients shall be accompanied by at least two qualified monitors.
  • The equipment is very important and as such we have to our client, already included in the price activity, the following equipment:
  • - Harness longes;
  • - Descender eight carabiners with screw safety (easy level)
  • - Potholing own equipment (hard level)
  • - Lightweight and comfortable helmet;
  • - Monkey Suit
  • - Front Lantern
  • For total comfort during and after the activity suggest that the client should take:
  • - Comfortable clothes and shoes to get wet / dirty; - Change of clothes and shoes;
  • - Snack light for the route (juice / water and sandwiches / cereal bar);
  • - Attack backpack.
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